Monday, 23 April 2012

The human voice, as game changer

Siri IconI read an interesting article in The New York Times called  'The human voice, as game changer'. Obviously it's about the human voice as you might guess from the title but what will our voice change? It's almost 30 years ago that commercial speech recognition systems became sophisticated enough to transcribe spoken words into text. Now Siri, the virtual personal assistant on the Apple iPhone 4S, has opened a whole new level of that technology.

Only a few years ago the idea of telling your mobile to send a receipt to your mum sounded like something out of a science fiction movie. Thanks to Nuance technology this is no longer a topic for a science fiction movie, it has become reality. Undoubtly this technology will be taken on by many more mobile device companies and it will change other industries thereafter. Search engines, for example, will have to reinvent themselves because services such as Siri are getting the information straight from the website and only use search engines when they cannot find the requested information.

Siri makes it easy and convenient to find a florist to order flowers for a loved one. Imagine you can go one step further. You not only find the florist you were looking for, you also order a bouquet and pay for it with your voice. The time is over where you have to carry cards around or have to rembember PINs. All you need is your mobile and an active VoicePay account to make secure payments.

While Siri's voice recognition software breaks down spoken words into sound waves and uses algorithms to identify the most likely words formed by the sounds, VoicePay goes a step further and identifies the unique signature of your voice. A voice has over 100 separate characteristics, two and a half times more than the 40 characterics a fingerprint has, which makes it one of the most secure authentication technologies available today.

While the technology is complicated VoicePay is pretty straight forward for anyone to use. The voice verification process should take no longer than 15 seconds, all you have to do is say your name and mobile number. If you want to find out more about VoicePay go to

Let's change the future of how we make payments...

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